Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Donovan and DeSean Have Beef: Exhibits A & B

I've had this sneaking suspicion (my favorite kind of suspicion) that Donovan McNabb and DeSean Jackson don't particularly like each other. Now, I've got the proof flimsy evidence.


Take into consideration DeSean's various answers when asked about his quarterback returning for the final year on his contract during Pro Bowl week:

"It's a huge decision, especially when you've had a quarterback that has been in the organization for so long."

"It's a tough situation. Donovan has been here a long time and Kolb is a part of the whole group also."

There were also two other instances that I can't find quotes for (sideline interview during the Pro Bowl and yesterdays Jim Rome is Burning) where Jackson decided to emphasize how difficult of a decision the team has to make instead of giving the correct answer, "I expect Donovan to be back." Sure, DeSean is young, but don't confuse youth for ignorance. He knows damn well what he's saying -- and if you listen closely -- you can hear him mouthing the words "fuck you" to DirtPass McSoupSlurp.


The WAY better exhibit. Check out this clip of Donovan getting interviewed by some kid at the NFC Pro Bowl practice. Initially, the only interesting thing about this clip is how quickly this kid becomes his psychiatrist ("TELL ME ABOUT YA CHILDHOOD!"). But then...THEN...it happens. At around 35 seconds DeSean Jackson and Rod Blagojevich Drew Rosenhaus walk by, just as the kid asks the perfect question.

Kid: What are you horrible at?
Passer-by DeSean: Aye, that is a GREAT question.

That shit is pure hilarity. To make it even better, while Donovan F. is conjuring up his regular political nothingspeak, it hits him that he was just dissed hard as fuck by a 23 year-old. That leads to McNabb giving the death stare to our young receiver for a fantastically-uncomfortable two seconds (:43 - :45).

If that doesn't prove that those two are sworn enemies, nothing will. Hey, 93% of communication is non-verbal!

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