Friday, November 26, 2010

Flyers Lose, Pronger Wins Hockey Comment of the Year

Passive aggressive pot shots for all! How can you not love having a guy like this on your team? My favorite part is the smirk he gives each time he takes a shot. Despite the shootout loss, this post-game interview is full of WIN.

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  1. awful call, i was at that game, like whattttt- you can't call unsportsmen like conduct in OT like that. And if it was a penalty, why wait for the goal to be scored, why not call it immediatley? The crowd booed hard the rest of the game. it got playoff loud. Bad calls are ruining all sports, i want to know what qualifications these referees have. Do you have to work your way up through the township girl midget soccer officials rankings, or do you go to college? I want answers leagues!