Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Olivia Munn: You Win.

You win, Olivia. I had zero intentions of posting this weeks-old Maxim cover shot of you, but I saw it again just now and couldn't resist. You seem to have that whole I'm-just-one-of-the-guys dorky girl thing down to a science, and I've totally fallen for it. You've also done several covers and some online stuff for my former employer (is an intern an employee?) Complex, so I've seen you be cute and funny with real-life friends of mine.

Anyway, let the soccer moms get all up in arms about your see-through panties. Let ugly girls say your Daily Show appearances aren't funny. You're only going to win more fans in the end. Maybe even enough fans to keep your new sitcom from being a total disaster. [Fingers crossed]

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