Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Philadelphia Cures the Hangover

Gawker - Finally, a reason for science to exist: A researcher in Philadelphia (of course!) has discovered the single most effective cure for a hangover. And it's really pretty simple. Coffee and aspirin. That's it!

Apparently hangovers AREN'T caused by dehydration, as the rats Professor Michael Oshinsky of Thomas Jefferson University used clearly showed. I'm not so sure he ran the rats through the same gauntlet of beer, whiskey, vodka, awkward sexual advances, public humiliation, and 4:30am sake bombs that I had last Saturday, but I guess I'll take the word of this "scientist". I mean, that Iranian man I almost threw up on in the laundromat the next day said coconut water, but I guess coffee and aspirin it is.


  1. 3 words: Security Feel Better
    Your best hangover cure!

  2. ...no. see, mr. advertiser, the answer was coffee and aspirin. not your product.

  3. the correct answer is weed and fried pork products

  4. Moderate Hangover:
    Gatorade (Orange) + Snickers bar (King Size) + Aspirin

    Really, really bad hangover:
    Sleep All Day + Every Pain Reliever Available + Chicken Soup and Saltines...wait six hours, add weed, greasy food...wait another two hours and add alcohol...baste until the next day