Thursday, February 24, 2011

Brotherly Love

By TWW friend 'Anonymous'

Eric Staal has a lot of brothers, so trying to kill his younger brother, Mark, might not be that big of a deal to his mother. It's not like a Saving Private Ryan situation or anything. You already punked him at the All-Star draft, that was kinda funny, but giving your little brother a concussion is cold blooded as fuck, Eric. You'd never see Daniel hit Henrik like that, they love each other.

It's an interesting moral dilemma. On one hand, you catch an opposing player trying to get the puck out of the zone with his head down. Your competitive instincts are raging. On the other hand, you used to take baths with that guy at some point in your life. What do you do... what do you do? Maybe our own Dave or Eric can provide some perspective as to what the proper protocol is in this situation.


  1. You're mad that a NY Ranger got destroyed...

  2. I'm not mad, this is more of a sociological litmus test. Think I care about Mark Staal? Come one Jose, get deep, you're better than that.