Sunday, February 13, 2011

Doug Collins is Abe Lincoln

A day after knocking down the San Antonio Spurs at home the Sixers continued their winning ways by defeating the Minnesota Timberwolves on Saturday night by a score of 107-87.

And Doug Collins has now become Abe Lincoln.

"Did you say Hey Blinkin'?"

The Sixers improved to 26-28 on the season after toppling the 13-41 T'Wolves. Despite facing a less-lofty challenge as the night before, Doug Collins knew he couldn't let his squad rest easy on Kevin Love and his wolf-pack. "I don't know if we could've won this game earlier in the year after a big win," Collins told the media after the game. "I used an Abe Lincoln line before the game … Abe Lincoln always said you don't judge a man in adversity, everybody's humble then, you judge him when you give him power."

On face value Collins is talking about maintaining his team's determination following the win over the Spurs ... but he also could be speaking of himself. If he keeps flashing that humble smile after every win he'll finish the season by resting his top hat on the Coach of the Year Award.

The Sixers' next hairy match-up comes in the form of The Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday. It won't be long before the All Star Break, and then we'll see who's left holding the reigns.

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