Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eagles 27, Redskins 24: Revenge of the Concussions

He never got one doing this.

Brent Celek has the greatest excuse ever for his Butterfingers - He might've torn ligaments in his left hand.  Yup, and just when we caught the Eagles throwing a goshdarn TE shovel pass into the repertoire.  According to the Philadelphia Daily News, Celek's left hand looked "mummified with tape and wrap, especially around his left thumb." Not good.

Someone should put a hit out on London Fletcher - This dude caused both the Brian Westbrook and DeSean Jackson concussions.  The league should look into London Fletcher and his affects on NFL head injury statistics.

Injured Corners - Even with his big day, Asante Samuel still looks like he's feeling the effects from last weeks stinger. He's playing two-hand touch when everyone else is playing tackle. That being said, nobody in the game has the nose for INTs as #22 so I don't mind the arm tackles. Sheldon Brown looks worse, though. He's one of those I've-never-missed-a-game guys (Did You Know?) and -- apparently -- will play through a hamstring injury that makes him slower than Terri Schiavo's death. He's still better than the majority of starting CBs (I guess?), so as long as he's not an obvious liability I say he can keep his Cal Ripkin record going.

Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant look good - And they must keep it up (pause).  With DeSean and Brent Celek probably gone next week, this duo is going to need to produce.  Avant probably won't be thrown directly into the starting wideout spot -- something tells me they like Reggie Brown on the outside more -- but he's going to have to continue to showcase the big-play ability that's led to his 92 yards/game average over the past 3 weeks. 

The running game is stronger with McCoy - LeSean McCoy is better for this team now than Brian Westbrook -- and don't look at me like I'm crazy for speaking the unspeakable truth.  Westbrook is by far a more experienced back and has a multitude of intangibles (i.e. blocking, chipping, play recognition), but Shady can flat-out run the ball better than Westbrook now and has been ever since he got acclimated in training camp.  Sure, LeSean is a risk to put the ball on the carpet more often, but I'll take a consistent 5 yards on 1st down any day.  BWest has had a rough go with these concussions, and certainly shouldn't lose his spot simply due to injury, but I think we all recognize how good the chances are of us never seeing Brian Westbrook play in an Eagles jersey again.  Thirty really is that unlucky number.

but to end on a good note...

Two comeback wins in a row! - This time last year we were 5-5-1.  I feel like these past two wins over the Bears and Redskins were games we would have dropped in seasons past.  Keep it goin, boys.

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