Monday, December 14, 2009

Eagles 45, Giants 38: PimpPimp, HOORAY!

Doo doo wool coat? Check.
Second-grader picture day multi-colored silk tie? Check.
Elton John pink glasses? Check.
Floppy brown poverty-pimp hat? Check.
Huge fucking win over the Giants? Check and mate.

We also learned that the Mike Vick bag of tricks is now open, the DeSean and Andy lovefest is in full bloom, the dance is called the Jerk, Brent Celek is that dude, We can't tackle for shit, and that Maclin's injury situation is shady.

The Mike Vick bag of tricks is now open - Deion Sanders was quoted on NFL Network yesterday asking "Why did they wait all year to include Michael Vick in short yardage situations?"  The answer, Neon, is because the playoffs are approaching.  Andy Reid -- although I've been guilty of calling him a fat moron at times -- is no dummy.  Everyone could see early on in the year that Vick's legs weren't anywhere near where they needed to be to run the ball effectively.  Andy and the rest of the coaching staff did an excellent job of bringing MV7 along slowly -- allowing him to both get back into playing shape and to completely understand his role within the offense.  Because Vick is now feeling confident physically, Andy understands that this is the perfect time to unveil some of the fun plays from his goodie bag to give opposing defensive coordinators something to stress over in the week leading up to playing the birds.  Sure, Vick isn't as fast as he once was.  But because Andy and Marty are adding more passes and trick plays to the mix, as well as mixing it up between inside and outside rushes, opposing defenses are on their heels with this guy.  Mike Vick is poised to play a pivotal role in this teams' postseason success.

The DeSean and Andy lovefest is in full bloom - Awwww, just look at these two.  They love it -- this week marks the third "bump" these two have shared together.  Even when you listen to each of them talk, they're simply gushing about one another. Andy even has to catch himself at one point before he says something so nice as to alienate other players.

AR - The thing I love about the kid is that he loves to play the game.  There's nobody that -- (whoops, better slow down Big Red) we're playing in New York and it's like we're playing in the backyard with him. He loves playing the game and the energy he brings to everybody on both sides of the ball its pretty neat to watch.

DJ - Coach Reid, that's my dude.  We mess around, man.  It's definitely like a father and son thing, man.  Our relationship is huge -- two people from California.  I cherish the relationship we have...not too many people get to joke around and mess around with him like that so I definitely cherish it.

I hope the impending holdout this summer doesn't put a damper on their not-so-secret love for one another.  Pay that nigga, Jeff!

The dance is called The Jerk - or Jerkin...either one.  For everyone that's over 24 years old / not from California / not cool, there is a name for the jig-like dances that DeSean does in the endzone.  In fact, it's not just a dance -- it's taken on quite the cultural movement.  For the full story on what is it and where it's from check out this article from the New York Times or the Wiki entry.  And for all you lazies out there, just check out Urban Dictionary.

Brent Celek is that dude - For a guy leading the team in catches and tied for the team lead in touchdowns, he's flying pretty low under the radar.  Celek had a (quiet) 5 catches for 64 yards and a touchdown yesterday, bringing his yearly totals up to 61 catches, 681 yards, and 7 touchdowns.  Oh yeah, and his back was sore the whole game.  Although he went to Cincinnati and had an 81-yard TD that helped knock my Scarlet Knights out of BCS contention in 2006, I'm beginning to warm up to the guy.  The fact that he taunted the Giants fans early in the game doesn't hurt, either. He's also 20 grabs away from breaking Keith Jackson's team receptions record for a TE with 3 games to go.  Likely? No.  Possible? Yes. 

We can't tackle for shit - True. Story.

Maclin's injury situation is shady - I remember not hearing anything about Maclin's foot injury (and the boot he wore on it) until mere days before Sunday's huge division matchup.  Then, he re-aggravates the injury early in the game and isn't heard from again.  In the post-game conference, Andy merely brushed over it and mumbled something under his breath and 'stache about missing 1-2 weeks.  He elaborated a bit more in today's press conference, but any real details concerning exactly what happened are a mystery.  As of now, Andy says he probably won't be ready for this weekend hosting the 49ers, but should be ready for the Broncos (and Dawkins) coming to town in two weeks.  Maybe.

Oh, and Kevin "Remember me?" Curtis is a possible return this week.  Good news to some, Reggie Brown conspiracy to me.

Go Birds!


  1. Celek clearly was going to have a 2nd Touchdown when he was raped in the endzone and the referees failed to call the pass interference so it totally screwed us...if you dont know which play I am referring to, then I can't help you.

  2. Yeah that was too much! How it was not called I still don't know