Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Devil has Two Human Forms

via Deadspin

And although I place the majority of the blame on the O-line, how about we concentrate on playing sound football rather than strumming air guitar to appear unnerved, you corny, goofy prick.


  1. Just the O-Line... Hmmm... I'd Go 68% O-Line, 22% Defese.. and 10% Failure to adapt from both sides of coaching!

  2. Thanks for setting the race back about 50 years donovan.

  3. I kept waiting for Satan and Darth Vader to show up in the owner's box with W and JJ.

    And seriously, we got out played by the cowboys, but what the fuck was that officiating about!!!! The pass interference on Sheldon Brown was AWWWWEFULLLLL, that was a great defensive play! and what about Sean Jones, I don't care if the ball did hit the ground, the ruling on the field was an interception and you can't overturn that call based on the replay, there was nothing conclusive!!! and how bout in the thrid when the whistle blows the play dead and the DT on Dallas procedes to toss McNabb to the ground, welll late, and unneccessarly rough, like theres not a rule for that called unneccessary roughness. ? BULLLLLSHIIIITTTTTTTT!!!!! Fuck Football. Cowboys suck. It's all about money.

    It's like people only do things because they get paid, and that's just really sad. -Algar