Thursday, January 14, 2010


How many times have you been playing ball, someone makes a few shots in a row, and another guy chimes in with "He's on Fire!"? This, of course, gives the shooter full reign to chuck up the next few shots with no conscience, no fear of his teammates calling him a ball hog. He's not allowed to object -- it's called a heat check. And it's man code.

Well the game that made this possible will be engulfing more basketballs in flames on the Wii. And this time the developer will be premier sports video game maker EA Sports, not Akklaim and their basketball-spinning Iguana.

That's right, NBA Jam is coming back. The game is being built up as a 'throwback' to the original arcade and Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo games that anyone who grew up in the mid 90's became so fond of. I could not be more excited for this game. The original game made me into a Shawn Kemp fan for a couple years. He was amazing.

Obviously, it will probably end up being similar to NBA Street, minus the..uh..street. But that game was pretty good, and I think this refresh will turn out to be even better. It will definitely be a fun game to play with friends due to the 2 on 2 style of play.

Right now the upcoming game is being billed as a Wii-only exclusive. (I knew I bought my Wii for something more than bowling and Super Smash Brothers).  You can even vote online for what tandems you want to see put into the game for three NBA franchises - Kings, Clippers, and Thunder.  Check it out and vote here.  

Anyway, here's to rebooting youthful fun. I'm looking forward to the many Easter Egg codes that were always hidden in previous NBA Jam versions. I can't wait pit Obama and Swoop vs Bill Clinton and Snoop Dogg. Epic.

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  1. they better have some good easter eggs. Obama's jumper is wettt