Monday, October 11, 2010

The Wrinkled, Leathery Reason Phillies Will Win World Series

You didn't think the Phillies were just going to get by on ridiculously nasty pitching and veteran hitting did you? Oh no kind sir, you are sadly mistaken. Those two luxuries are nothing when compared to the power of an old fashioned good luck charm.

Ed Barkowitz of the Daily News has an article on regarding Ryan Madson's purchase of the Halloween mask you see in the pic above. And yes, that's him wearing it in the picture at a recent media session. Who needs rally monkeys or cowbells when you have a funny mask?

The article goes on to say the mask has become rather popular in the clubhouse and has become somewhat of a good luck charm. As Madson says, his favorite places to wear the mask are in the in the shower and in hot tub. Yep -- not making that up. My favorite line comes from Chad Durbin as he describes the mask: "It's Miguel Cairo." Oh Chad, you couldn't be any more spot on. LOOK AT THIS.

Anyway, our Phillies have advanced to a third straight NLCS and will have six days off before digging in against the Giants or Braves. To be honest, as a Philadelphia sports fan, it feels a little weird being a fan of the undisputed favorite. It's kind of a surreal feeling...and also one of the most awesome feelings a sports fan can have. Here's to 3 straight NL pennants.


[pic via Associated Press]


  1. my favorite place to wear a mask? windowless vans full of candy and children.

  2. underground dance dance tournaments.

  3. Is it anything like the time you were a Steelers fan and they were the favorites? Burn!

  4. Damn, I better go get some ice for that burn haha. Nah, the Pats were always the favorites in the AFC back then. I stopped following them around the Seahawks SB..too hard to follow them and the Eagles. My connection with the Eagles runs deep tho - my great uncle has an NFC Championship ring from 1960 as the Strength Coach so I've always been a fan. Aaaand now I've exceed my limit for words in a blog comment.

  5. That's cool considering the NFC didn't exist in 1960. Haha, now I'm just being a dick I know what you mean.

  6. haha, no you're right... i actually mistyped, it was the 1980 team that lost to the Raiders in the Super Bowl