Friday, October 8, 2010


Honestly, I just don't know what to say anymore. Jimmy Rollins, who has been awful with the bat, lofts a fly ball to right field that Jay Bruce probably catches 99 out of 100 times. Maybe even 199 out of 200. But of course, because this Phillies team enjoys making the improbable probable, he loses the ball in the lights, Brandon Phillips muffs the relay and two runs score. Suddenly a 4-0 game is 5-4 Phillies. I still can't believe it happened and I'm not sure I will until I see the replay about 50 more times.

This Phillies team keeps winning in the craziest ways. I mean, let's just think about this for a minute. The Reds bring in their 104 MPH flame-throwing lefty, Aroldis Chapman, to face a Phillies lineup that hasn't exactly been killing the ball in this series. He barely hits Utley, makes Howard look really dumb in the just three pitches and then gets Werth to ground into an easy play to third. Yet Rolen goes to second (a dumb move, honestly with crappy Rollins coming up) and Utley is called safe. Then the Bruce play happens. Wow. Just add this to the list, these games have become the norm.

The Phillies now have a great chance to wrap the series up Sunday night. The Reds have to be shell shocked and Hamels has owned them recently. Things are looking good.

Go Phils.

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