Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mike Vick's First Post-Prison Endorsement

Apparently Michael isn't getting paid for this, but it's nice to see the dude finally get a commercial. I'm just surprised that used car salesmen would risk their integrity doing a spot with a convicted felon. Those guys are usually beacons for righteousness and virtue.

On a side note, is there anything better than the plain, unofficial jerseys athletes are forced to wear in non-sanctioned advertisements? I wish I had a YouTube montage of them all. I would make it myself...but I have a day job. Get it done, Unemployed America!

h/t to Deadspin


  1. I had to make that unofficial jersey and I'm pretty proud of my handy work haha.

  2. does the unofficial jersey montage include movies? cause ill do it...

  3. Anonymous 1 and Anonymous 2 need to hook up and bring some magic to reality. yes, it should include movies. yes, i want one of these jerseys for myself.

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