Thursday, March 31, 2011

The 2011 Season is about to Hit.

Roy Halladay is about to announce his presence with authority.

Friday is Opening Day of the 2011 season. The Phillies will host the Houston Astros for a 1 pm puckdrop at Citizens Bank Park. Roy Halladay will start the season for the second straight year, looking to continue his Undertaker-like undefeated streak. His opponent will be former Phillies (bar-fight) starter Brett Myers.

To get you hyped up for a game that will be over by the time you roll out of bed, our foreign correspondents have sent in the following photos from our Japan offices. They truly capture the support the Far East has been showing for a club that's been struggling a lot recently with injuries.

Here we see Phillies fans on vacation, keeping it real. The kid in the background must be tuckered from so many Jose Contreras vs Ryan Madson debates.

Speaking of the closer's role... The Japanese med-student in the background is praying to her cardboard cutout of Brad Lidge, hoping for a healthy recovery. Tough break, Brad.

The Japanese have also built a statue to honor Chase Utley, which they pray to five times a day.

Despite the devastation to the Phillies roster there is still hope for another World Series season. With the help of these intrepid fans this baby will grow up in a world where Cole Hamels has been nothing but earth-shatteringly efficient.

Hooray for the Phillies 2011 Season! A special thanks to our Japanese correspondents for the pictures!

Go gett'em boys!


  1. yeah seriously... dozens of people are injured and youre making jokes about it?