Monday, April 4, 2011

Phillies Firepower Impresses Libyans.

President Obama sent the Phillies to Libya to deal with their Marshmallow Man problem.

Lack of run support was one of the biggest fears heading into the 2011 Phillies season. There was a fear Ryan Howard wouldn't get pitches to hit without Jayson Werth batting behind him; there were also concerns that Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino would not have bounce back years.

Over their three game sweep of the Houston Astros the Phillies scored 21 runs.

Howard's 1st HR of the season killed Gaddafi's dog.

The Phillies also proved that they still had the ability to orchestrate a come-from-behind victory, an important part of their skill set that made them back-to-back National League Champions.

John Mayberry also tore a hole in the roof of that Southwest flight.

This initial show of offensive production is a sign of good things to come, especially after adding their new hitting coach Winston Zeddemore.

Zeddemore, however, could not be reached for a comment.

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