Thursday, April 7, 2011

That Time Barry Bonds Killed OJ's Ex-Wife

Remember OJ Simpson? The guy who KILLED HIS EX-WIFE and got away with it?

Aw, how can we stay mad at that face?

OJ, as you may last recall, has been in prison for over 2 years now, serving a 33-year sentence (9 without parole) for a 2007 kidnapping/armed robbery in Vegas. (/sourced)

His legacy, though, is being a double-murderer who walked free of any criminal charges due his ability to blacken himself at will.

If OJ was an X-Man, he'd be "The Dimmer Switch."

Most notably, the OJ verdict took away white America's ability to use the N-word without it leading to a meeting with the Human Resources Department. Mid-90's America was outraged.

The face of mid-90's of outrage.

So, Whites have been laying in wait for years. Ready to over-react the next time a black tried to show its uppity face. Then it was time to get revenge, Liam Neeson style.

Particular set of skills? I might know a guy…

America found its new Kunta Kinte once Major League Baseball player Barry Bonds was indicted on 15 counts of what we all do every single day ... denying stuff that would get us in bigger trouble. Now facing only 4 of the original charges, Bonds could see up to 10 years in prison for each count. All for being a big ole' FIBBER!


On Wednesday, after presenting its case for a total of ONE MINUTE (not even a joke) Bonds' defense rested without calling a SINGLE WITNESS. Christ, even My Cousin Vinny called up Mona Lisa Vito. This type of McMahon-like confidence hasn't been seen in a human being since … well ...

"Eat shit, America."

So, Congrats Whites! If Bonds' comedic defense leads to jail-time, score 3/5's more for the plantation crowd!


  1. I wait 3 days for you to post something new and you post this garbage! I am about to give up on your blogs. C'mon man.

  2. Gonna have to believe you are kidding with this post. Because the alternative is simply ridiculous. If you can't see the way these guys get hammered (public opinion and legacy come to mind) for lying about PEDs, then you are intentionally blind. Clemons is next, but you don't seem to see the trend. Seems like you are just are looking for an excuse to complain about "whitey." There is a lot of racist shit going on in the world- but, this? This ain't it.

  3. ^^^"Gonna have to believe you are kidding with this post."

    What was your first clue? Firey Bonds legs or the silly wrestling references? Seriously, if you've ever read their blog before you would know nothing they write about should be taken seriously.