Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Birds Getting Players Back, Plaxico Still in Jail

Remember Plaxico Burress, the pro bowl WR for the Giants that helped them win a Superbowl but then got sent to prison because he shot himself in a club in the leg with an unlicensed glock that he had tucked in his sweatpants and then tried to cover it up? Well, he's still in jail as we speak and will be in there for a long, long time. Hmm, go figure.

The Eagles, on the other hand, are getting several of their star players back this week in time for round two with the G-men.

DeSean Jackson

Time out - 1 week
Reason for absence - Concussed brains thanks to London Fletcher
Positives - We get our #1 receiver back -- one of the most explosive players in the sport.  We also get the man responsible for the Eagles leading the league in punt return average
Negatives - None. Except for maybe my one-week Reggie Brown fantasy football experiment is over.
How he'll do - Great.  DeSean is playing for new money next year, and needs every week to show the front office that he's worthy of such stacks.  Plus he said so on his Twitter:

Akeem Jordan

Time out - 4 games 
Reason for absence - Hyperextended right knee
Positives - The starting OLB is back; no more Moises Fokou, Joe Mays, and Trotter bullshit.  The birds defense against opposing TEs should improve
Negatives - He's been out for 4 weeks so it might take a bit to get back to game speed
How he'll do - He should play well, although I think Andy will bring him along slowly and rotate a bit more than normal.  Remember, according to the football bible Madden, Jordan is the second best linebacker on the team behind only Will Witherspoon.

 Brian Westbrook

Time out - One week...then two weeks....then three more
Reason for absence - Most recently? Twice concussed brains, also thanks to London Fletcher
Positives - The Eagles get back one of the most dynamic weapons in the league.  A great pass blocker / chipper, receiver, and runningback
Negatives - So many injuries make you believe that he has to have lost a step. Hasn't played consistently enough to work himself into any rhythm.  Eagles ground game has been solid without him -- his return may take away from more productive options
How he'll do - I'm not completely sold that he can just jump right back into the swing of things.  I think he should do fine in working in screens and motioning out as a WR, but he's going to need a few games of touches to even come close to where he was

Joselio Hansen

Time out - 4 weeks
Reason for absence - Drugs.  He took a pill that turned out to be a diuretic a month ago when feeling bloated after eating some Chinese
Positives - Eagles get a legit 3rd cornerback...back...to assist a banged-up secondary
Negatives - Umm...we had to release rookie WR Jordan Norwood to make room on the roster.  I'm sure he's feeling a little bummed out
How he'll do - Much like Akeem Jordan, the Eagles will probably work him in slowly to get a feel of what kind of shape he's in.  It's been a month since he's done any playing or practicing.  It really is going to depend on how much time he was spending working out as opposed to playing Call of Duty

Oh, and Kevin Curtis may return to practice this week.  Not that it really matters to anyone...I bet Kevin barely cares.

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