Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Called It: vol. 2

This needed to be brought to your attention. In last week’s NFL spread picks, we went 11-4-1 and are picking winners at 57% clip.  Do you know how good that is?  No?  Well read this:
Now to be a successful handicapper you have to make up for the vig on the losing bets so to breaks even you need to have a win percentage of 52.4 percent. If you can achieve a long time winning percentage of 55 percent it is considered very good. Anything over 60 percent is excellent however most bettors don't sustain this percentage over the long run. []
And I'm just some random dude picking, not a real handicapper.

Sparkling record aside, did you notice how spot-on this commentary was? It’s like we rubbed our big crystal balls and saw the future.

Hate to say, but I CALLED IT.
JETS (-3) over Panthers
The Jets own the leagues 3rd best defense against the pass and Jake Delhomme loves to force the ball. That means turnover-city folks. I think this will be a relatively low scoring game. The Jets will try and pound the ball on the ground against a Panthers defense that gives up over 130 rushing yards per game.
Gee... umm... that happened EXACTLY how I said it would.  We’re giving this away for free people. If you would just listen to advice like this, you’d be better off.

Sigh.  You’re so money and you don’t even know it.

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