Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dolla Dolla Bills Yall - Wild Card NFL Spread Picks

Well here we are, we've made it to the playoffs. All four Wild Card games this weekend are rather tough to handicap. Not even the Shark feels 100% confident in all the plays. But that's not going to stop him from laying it all out for you and letting you decide after a little analysis.

Only a month left games, people. Time to go big or go home.

To the Shark tank!

Jets (+3) over Bengals
This game is anybody's best guess. The winner of this game is likely going to win by more like 7 points compared to what the 3 point line would suggest. Vegas, and everybody else, just has no idea which team it will be. I'd probably stay away from the game altogether, but if you're going to wager on it, take the team that has a great defense and knows how to run the ball extremely well. Those two things are incredibly important in January. Jets win it by the score of 17-10.

Eagles (+4) over Cowboys
To be honest, I probably shouldn't be as confident as I am about the Eagles winning this game after what we all saw last weekend. Maybe I'm a sucker or a glutton for punishment. I can't see not taking the points and betting against a team that doesn't lose their first playoff game and plays its best when times look the grimmest. Eagles win 27-21.

Ravens (+3.5) over Patriots
The Ravens could easily win this game outright, but like a lot of people, I do hate betting against the Patriots. These Patriots aren't as good as the teams in recent years and yet again, I'm taking the points. The Ravens typically play the Patriots pretty tight and they should be close to the end. I really think the hook (the .5 for you novices) could be what pushes you to the win. Pats win 27-24, but don't cover.

Cardinals (+1.5) over Packers
Everybody is going Packers here - and it's hard to tell them they're wrong. The Packers have the best defense in the league and are entering the playoffs as the hottest team in the NFL. But my gut tells me Arizona wins this game. I don't have any football statistics to support that, this is strictly a hunch play. But if you're looking for a betting stat - the Packers are being bet on by 64% of the betting public. That is the highest percentage of all the games this weekend. To be a smart bettor, you have to be wary of games were the majority of the public is leaning. Those are the games where Vegas makes its' money. Cardinals win it 30-27.

Enjoy the games!

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  1. Chargers are the hottest team in the NFL right there...