Thursday, April 1, 2010

NEWSFLASH: Joe Blanton Has Muscles

In what I'm sure comes as a suprise to many, Joe Blanton actually has muscles. And, apparently, he can strain those same muscles. Who knew?

All kidding aside, it looks like Blanton is going to miss at least his first two starts and could miss up to the first month of the season. While certainly not a killer blow, this does hurt. Blanton is a steady pitcher, someone you can always count on for six or seven innings each time out. It's assumed that Kyle 'DoubleK' Kendrick will take his spot in the rotation. The Phillies only need four starters for most of April due to so many off days, so it's likely Kendrick only gets one or two starts at max. But, it will allow him to showcase his skills so Charlie Manuel trusts him once Jamie Moyer starts getting shelled (this will happen). All told, the Phillies should be ok, as long as the rest of their staff stays healthy.

Knock on wood.

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