Monday, October 18, 2010

Roy Oswalt Doesn't Need Your Stinkin' Stop Sign

Roy Oswalt was phenomenal last night in the Phillies 6-1 victory in Game 2 of the NLCS. You couldn't have asked Oswalt to do more. He was dominant on the mound and even chipped in at the plate and on the base paths. Oswalt running through Sam Perlozzo’s stop sign is going to be a classic moment of the 2010 run.

Shame on any of you who freaked out after the Phillies dropped Game 1. While we may have been a little spoiled by this teams’ performance over the last few weeks, it's incredibly difficult to go 11-0 during a postseason run. Now, our Phils are heading west to San Francisco for Game 3 with momentum on their side. Relax and hang on for the ride. If you're like me, you'll still be at work and staring at your cubicle walls when the game begins. Luckily, I know of several internet feeds that may or may not be legal.

Go Phils!

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