Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Has Two Thumbs, Two Chins, and a Kicker on His Back?

Answer: That guy.
Holy crap -- this is a complete and utter abomination. To preface, I don't have any tattoos but am not against them in any way. Having said that, I never understood going the route of professional sports tattoo. The guy with the Eagles helmet tattooed on his calf always seemed like kind of a d-bag to me. Regardless, if you want to show your allegiance with a sports tat, go for it. I'm not here to try and stop you from showing the world your support of your squad.

Except for this guy. This mural is just too much. Let's break this down: The Eagles logo looks like it was drawn by a 6th grader and shaded in pencil, you have other men's signatures all over your body, and most importantly - you have David Akers tattooed on your back. What’s worse - until proven otherwise, I'm going to have to assume that the guy kneeling in front of him is long-time professional field goal holder Koy Detmer.

KOY DETMER.  HOLDING A FOOTBALL.  TATTOOED ON YOUR BACK.  Come on bro, revamp that whole abortion and make into one big, badass eagle or something.  That, or buy a jersey.  Just sayin'.
UPDATE: Eagles Tat Man has his own website and somewhat of a cult following.  You can check out his site here.
[h/t to Unathletic]


  1. i love the fact that he has a koi fish on his left arm. you know, for tranquility.

  2. I can't beleive you never heard of the eagles Tat man. He's actually a really nice and hospitable guy. He is at every eagles function.

  3. this guy is awesome. As the other comment on here, he is a really nice nice guy and will do anything for anyone. He works with a ton of charities. He is also being inducted into the the football hall of fame this year as the ultimate fan. He tattooed the players who were pivotel in his life as an eagles fan. Any true eagles fan knows that being a eagles fan comes with the good and bad.He choose to show his eagles pride by tattooing himself with those players and the autographs and several different stadiums. He also has been a season ticket holder most of his life. I think its pretty damn awesome, some people choose to have their boyfriends/girlfirends named tattoo'd on them, they can and alot of the time break up....his passion for the Eagles, and its players over the years will never break up...true fan for life!!! Go Tat Man!!!

  4. I think the Tats are awesome